Hike 8/52 – Bells Canyon Lower Falls

I’m a bit behind on my 52 Hike Challenge posts.  It seems weird to be writing a post for a snowy hike when it’s currently 98 degrees and July.  Haha!

Hike number 8 I did Bells Canyon Lower Falls.  I have done this hike a few times before but it had been quite awhile since the last time.  I had forgotten just how steep that sucker is!  This was my first actual Bold Betties event that I hosted so I was a ball of nerves as I hadn’t hiked in a couple weeks because of a gnarly cold and because… new people.  They are scary, what can I say?

We started early and met up at the trailhead around 7 AM.  It was cold with a bit of a wind chill so we didn’t hang out too long before getting going so we didn’t freeze.  I quickly realized that this hike was going to kick my trash.  Apparently, starting from the other trailhead, slightly up the canyon and not on Wasatch, is A LOT LESS STEEP to get to the reservoir.  So I essentially thought I was going to die in the first mile.  I had a really hard time dealing with the fact that I was hosting this hike for Bold Betties yet I was the slowest hiker in our group of 4.  The other gals would get up a ways and have to wait for me to catch up.  I kept reminding myself that we were there for the hike and the company and that it wasn’t a race.  Plus, Bold Betties isn’t about being the fastest or the best.  It’s about getting out there, having fun, trying new things and meeting people.  Once I worked through that, though, it was fun to get to know these new adventure women and enjoy my beautiful surroundings.  On the way up, we were able to see some mountain goats up on the cliffs!  So cool!20170304_08435520170304_093605

When we got to the waterfall it was frozen and beautiful.  While we were up there enjoying the view, someone came down the trail towards up saying “Hi ladies!! Sorry I’m late!”  I was SO confused as the RSVPs said there were only 4 women joining me on this hike.  Turns out, I counted the RSVPs wrong and included myself in the count.  Nat showed up a couple minutes late and trailed us the entire way to the waterfall. Ha!!  Such a trooper because I would have totally turned around and left had it been me.


We made it the the waterfall, I didn’t die, and Nat didn’t hold it against us that we headed up the trail before she got there.  The sun even came out for our hike down the trail so we could enjoy the warm and the beautiful, untouched, glittery snow.  Great success!


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